We check maturity with our most important tool: the thumb.


The production of salami is regarded as the supreme discipline in the production of sausages, as a lot of intuition and experience are required to make a balanced and aromatic-spicy salami. Selected meat, bacon and spices are the basic ingredients of our salami. The raw sausage is not cooked, but dried and needs a lot of time - up to 10 weeks - and fresh air until it loses about 40% of its weight under the strict supervision of the salami master and matures to perfection.


Turkey salami

If you prefer turkey instead of pork, you'll get a good taste here.

Maroni Salami

The chestnut has many culinary uses. We combined them with our salami - they go well together.

Salami cubes

Pre-cut small pieces of first-class salami - always good to have at hand.

Porcini Salami

Refined with dried porcini mushrooms. A combination that makes many a connoisseur think of an autumn forest.

Truffle Salami

Truffle, a mushroom for connoisseurs and connoisseurs, gives the salami its special touch.

Farmer's salami

This air-dried salami is a classic among the salami varieties and is made according to traditional recipes with a special spice mixture.

Mountain salami

Where her name comes from isn't exactly researchable. But a good feeling is when you have a mountain of salami at home. Then you're always well equipped. Also for the mountain.