• The Camembert Salami by Stastnik.
    The masterpiece for the 120th anniversary.

    Sometimes it takes two to make something perfect out of it. As it is the case with Stastnik Camembert Salami. Inside there is best air-dried Salami from our Salamimeister Stastnik, which matured calmly over 8 weeks. Not only is it coated by Original Camembert, but also there is the best of Camembert cheese inside the product. A Salami that combines two things: the taste of Camembert and Salami. No peeling off needed, just enjoy it bit by bit.



  • The Weinviertler Salami by Stastnik.
    A masterpiece.

    The best pork from the Weinviertel region, black pepper, a dash of Grüner Veltliner wine and our salami masters' more than a hundred years of experience make the Weinviertler Salami a masterful pleasure. Find out more



  • The Stastnik House Salami.
    A masterpiece.

    Best quality meat, eight weeks of maturing in the fresh Weinviertel air and a recipe guarded by our salami masters for generations make the house salami a masterful pleasure. Find out more



  • Stastnik is the master of salamis.
    Also on Facebook.

    For more than 100 years, everybody talks about Stastnik. On Facebook, you can always find the latest information, exclusive offers and raffles for salami fans and those who have yet to become fans:




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